Ирина Лешко

Ирина Лешко, г. Иркутск
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Hello! My name is Irina and i'm an english teacher since 2015, I graduated from Irkutsk lingvistic university. I have been working with children in Russia and China offline, and for now i have been working online with adults for 1 year now and i love it. If you want to start to learn english, learn some grammar, try to speak more fluent, i would love to help you to do that. You may have different reasons to start study english, but you should remember that it makes big difference when you do speak english, it changes the entire world for you, and it's one of the best feelings you can probably expirience in life. It will be a greate pleasure If you choose me, to help you. Here is few things about me, if one of those touches you, we will probably become a perfect team. 1. I love to ask questions and know more about a person and his interests. 2. I am studying english, chinese, japanese and french. 3 I love to read books, manga, meduza, bumaga, fantasy, fantastic, some classic too. 4 I love youtube, it is big part of my life. 5. I love hostels and couchserfing, because it helps you travel a lot. 6. Love anymals but not snails, they eat my salad i can't appreciate it. 7. Yoga, vegitarian diet, green and grey color, plants...were all my faves a while ago, now i'm too lazy for all that ^_^, except the salad, i try to grow it in the garden...but demn snails. 8. I love to watch TV series, movies, cartoons, anime and ants working in the garden. If you like some of those, I think i can try to make your progress run as a Flash.

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